DRYING FOR FREEDOM is a film about our right to protect the planet.

There is a worldwide focus and drive to cut carbon emissions and ensure that human activity does not damage our planet. Paradoxically there are an increasing number of communities that actively prevent people from living environmentally conscious lives. How would you respond if you were banned from being environmentally friendly?

DRYING FOR FREEDOM explores this new eco battlefield where communities and individuals are banned from drying their clothes naturally outdoors - a simple single act which cuts carbon emissions and reduces energy bills. Challenging the rules could lead to prosecution; in one instance it has even lead to murder! How did drying clothes become a life threatening, environmental and social catastrophe?

In a carbon neutral journey across the globe, documentary director Steven Lake is meeting people who want to tell the world about the new environmental combat zone... electric clothes drying!

From Northern America to London and Mumbai, DRYING FOR FREEDOM exposes the inconvenient truth about clotheslines.

The film explores how certain challenges to freedoms are affecting our fight to save the planet by revealing the story of our love affair with energy, the people who are campaigning against it and those who fight to pass Right-To-Dry legislation, making it illegal to ban clotheslines.

Steven's journey shows how corporate America sold the dream of electric bliss to post-World War America, creating electric consumption which disregards the carbon impact on the planet. The film argues that if this globalisation continues and big business promote the use of electric dryers, and other inefficient energy consuming appliances, global energy demands will continue to rise and the need for carbon emitting coal, oil and gas fuelled power stations will increase. Currently we cannot generate sufficient green electricity to meet existing demand which is already increasing.

DRYING FOR FREEDOM is a global exploration of the environment, freedom, communities and corporate exploitation, revealing the extent of the challenge we now face. The film includes contributions from Verona, Mississippi, where investigations are underway in a unique clothesline murder case, to Concord, New Hampshire and the home of Alexander Lee the leader of the world's leading clothesline pressure group. It reveals of our electric heritage and events leading up to millions of clothesline bans within US communities where the restrictions of freedom has become an un-environmental way of life.

DRYING FOR FREEDOM is the new environmental battlefield, exploring energy waste, consumer exploitation, restrictions in basic human freedoms and the impact this has on our planet. Our future is hanging on a line!

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Steven Lake - Director

Steven has a background in NGO-funded factual programming covering a range of social issues over the past 4 years, DRYING FOR FREEDOM is his début long format documentary.

A graduate from the Arts University College Bournemouth (UK), Steven received critical acclaim for his short film AND EVERYTHING BEFORE, a controversial experiment on 16mm film featuring death and decay, and exploring the process of skinning a deer. Steven continues to show a considered and provoking thirst for matters of fairness, morality and humankind..

Adam J. Merrifield - Producer

Adam established White Lantern Film as a feature film production company and his credits include BBC award-winning short films and independent movies with a nomination for a British Council UK Young Screen Entrepreneur Award.

Producing credits include EMULSION (2012), K-SHOP (2014) and his debut documentary DRYING FOR FREEDOM.

Dan Pringle - Co Producer

After graduating from Bournemouth University (UK) with a BA (Hons) in Television Production, Dan now works as the Production Manager on a number of high-end corporate and branded entertainment video productions.

Dan also co-produces a range of documentary productions and motion pictures including the forthcoming release of Suki Singh's Emulsion due for release in 2011.

Dan produced the award-winning historical documentary Our Pier which charted the history of Bournemouth Pier. He has also worked alongside the prolific BBC writer Jonathan Harvey on a new comedy series before recently taking a position as Production Accounts Manager at White Circle Productions, the commercial arm of the White Lantern Media Group.


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Drying For Freedom explores the new environmental battlefront in our homes and is directed by Steven Lake and produced by Adam J Merrifield. The award-winning team have raised independent finance from commercial and private investors interested in supporting social justice films with a strong environmental message. The film is currently in post-production and due for release in late 2010.

The idea for the film was developed by Steven in spring 2008. From its humble beginnings as a passion project entered into The Guardians 'One Minute to Save the World' film competition, it has grown into a ground-breaking film which is capturing the hearts and minds of people around the world. Drying For Freedom has already made headlines, and the film isn't even complete! Steven has been quoted in numerous newspapers and interviewed on international radio stations in the USA and Europe. The obscure nature of the subject has generated a cult following amongst environmental bloggers with over 13,000 online mentions worldwide (as of 11th July 2010).

Steven has endeared his heart to thousands of environmental activists around the world and has recited the documentary pitch numerous times. "During our time in production my pitching process has been forced to get stronger and stronger, the reason being... it's hard to explain to people why on earth we would be making a documentary all about clotheslines!" Steven comments. "There are times I've doubted it myself, but I always remember why our team got so involved in the first place. It's different and it matters to us. This is an environmental documentary, but it's also about characters; the people involved in this fight, for and against it. It's the passion behind these individuals that drives us to tell this story. Whether you agree with them or not, everyone believes they are right and that is strength of belief which is often hard to find in people these days.

"Our team is driven by a willingness to create work that can be thought provoking and entertaining at the same time. The project never would have been able to get off the ground if it wasn't for the funding we have been able to raise and just as importantly the amount of support we have received from our friends and families as well as those we met along the way who were willing to go above and beyond in helping us."

Steven has travelled across America and India to make Drying For Freedom. In America Steven visited 9 states meeting people on both sides of the environmental freedom debate and in India he met contributors in Mumbai and New Dehli to illustrate the challenges which developing nations around the world face as energy demands increase when people switch from traditional clothes drying to modern environmentally unfriendly machines.

Drying For Freedom could not have been made without the generous support of many individuals and organisation who place people above profit. Thank you.

The producers would like to than the following who donated via the films crowd funding campaign:
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