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About the new Trailer

So this is the new Trailer. It has been almost a year since we released our original one. Over that time the film has changed in all sorts of ways.

The making of Drying For Freedom has been a very long process, and we aren’t even done yet! There is still plenty more work to do. We thought we would reward our followers as well as create more buzz about the movie with this brand new trailer. All new footage compiled from our trip to the U.S in April/ May 2010.

What I like most about this new edit is the international perspective we have added. Plans to complete principal photography for the film in India by the end of the year are in place, and hopefully, once we have done that we can get you guys some more teasers from our time in India.

For now, enjoy our work, it’s taken us a lot of time and energy to date but it’s well worth it.

Steven Lake (Director)