Dec 26, 2011     Adam Merrifield   0 Comment     The Newsroom

Today our Facebook page hit 1000 likes. Compared to others it’s a meagre amount. In fact, individuals I know personally even boast profiles with more than 1000 friends! I once met a man who spent $1000 on a cat. The number 1000 has different values to different people.

So what does 1000 mean to us? Well six homes running a dryer for one year adds up to 1000 Kg’s of CO2 (more than 1 ton). You could dry 2000 t-shirts on a 1000 foot clothesline. (we aren’t suggesting you attempt this)

So while this neat little four digit number has different meaning to different people, to us it’s always going to be a big old figure. Whether it be 1000 fans, $1000 of donations, 1000 views of our film, 1000 Kg’s of Co2 (Carbon cost of running 6 dryers for a year) or even 1000 tons of the stuff (roughly 6000 tumble dryers running for a year). The second we begin to devalue numbers the easier it is for us to ignore the impact of important things.

We were ecstatic when the first ever fan clicked the like button on our Facebook page, we were over the moon when one person said they would stop tumble drying due to our influence. Seeing these two things happen in the 1000’s would be a monumental achievement. It’s taken us two years to reach 1000 likes, we have yet to realse Drying For Freedom so stay tuned for the new year. We hope to make a big difference with this film, both in how people think and how they choose to use energy.

In two years time? Let’s hope we are giving appreciation to the number 10,000, 100,000 or 1,000,000. Both in fan’s and supporters of a clean planet where clothes blow freely in the wind.

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