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    Sep 15, 2012     Adam Merrifield   0 Comment     General Laundry News

    BLACKOUT CRISIS IN INDIA In a world where massive energy consumption is increasingly outstripping supply, blackouts are the inevitable consequence.  Blackouts in India are becoming an increasingly common problem, where in several large states, electricity demand outstrips supply at peak hours by more than 12% (1). Two major blackouts occurred in the space of two days at the end of July, the worst the country has seen.  Hundreds of millions of peopl...

  • Al Gore gives the clothesline a thumbs up

    Oct 1, 2010     Adam Merrifield   0 Comment     General Laundry News

    Al Gore has named the humble clothesline as one of the ten things the average person can do to help reduce their eco footprint. Gore, who humorously refers himself as the ‘former next president of the United States’ has become a iconic figure on the environmental scene. He has received high praise for raising awareness on environmental issues as well as raised eyebrows from climate change naysayers. While using the suns energy to dry your cl...

  • Reusable textiles mean more money

    Sep 4, 2010     Adam Merrifield   1 Comment     General Laundry News

    ARTA (American Renewable Textile Association) have been conducting research to demonstrate that the use of renewable textiles has a distinct environmental and financial advantage over single use items. A case study conducted at the University of Minnesota’s Fairview Hospital showed that by choosing reusable surgical gowns over disposible ones saved the hospital $360, 000 a year, this included the added cost of laundry. The biggest impact from ...

  • Arnie, Clotheslines and the Golden State

    Aug 15, 2010     Adam Merrifield   0 Comment     General Laundry News

    When Governor Arnold Schwazenegger stepped into office in California in 2003, the environment did not place too highly on the states agenda. In 2007, Time Online ranked him number 32 on their list of the 100 men and woman whose power, talent or moral example is transforming the world. Cited among the things he has done to deserve this position is ‘adopting the most aggressive greenhouse-gas-reduction polocies on earth, including ordering the state...

  • Laundry could be bad for the planet

    Jul 20, 2010     Adam Merrifield   0 Comment     General Laundry News

    The environmental debate is turning its attention to the one thing every person on the planet has to do – laundry! To clean clothing it is necessary to rub and flex the cloth to break apart solids and help the soap penetrate. Laundry was first done in watercourses, letting the water carry away the materials which could cause stains and smells. Now, modern machines have taken over from traditional laundry techniques increasing carbon emissions espe...

  • Clothes Pegs Make History

    Jul 19, 2010     Adam Merrifield   0 Comment     General Laundry News

    Like plastic bags, clothes pegs are an ecological disaster waiting to happen! Today, millions of clothes pegs, or clothes pins, are manufactured very cheaply using non-biodegradable plastics or wood from deforestation contributing to the environmental nightmare for future generations. The clothes peg design was invented by David M. Smith of Springfield, Vermont (USA) in 1853 by creating two interlocking plastic or wooden prongs in between which i...