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The Eco Focus Film Festival are showing our film!  This will be the first public screening of the documentary on Saturday 31st March. Continue reading →

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Drying For Freedom – The Little Things

We made this video a little while back and I’d say it’s our favorite yet. You may argue that saying the tumble dryer will destroy us is a little over the top, but the message is loud and clear, at least we think so. It’s time we all started thinking about the little things. On an individual level it may not seem like much, but a planet of individuals consuming without regard to the consequences makes the little things a lot bigger.

Enough of that, enjoy our interactive video…
The Little Things

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Drying For Freedom Preview Screening!!!



Bournemouth based AUCB graduate film director Steven Lake will be previewing his debut environmental documentary in the Arts University College Bournemouth main lecture theatre on Friday 27th May, 2011, at 6:30 pm.

The preview screening is free to attend as the production team would like to invite the audience to provide some written feedback on the film at the end.  The feedback will then be used to finalize the film before its release later this year.  The film is produced by Bournemouth based award winning film production company White Lantern Film.

Steven, who lives in Bournemouth, graduated in 2009 from the BA Film Production degree at the AUCB and has been working on his documentary film DRYING FOR FREEDOM since.  Working alongside him is AUCB graduate Rob Fuller who graduated from BA Graphics and Animation in the same year and is completing all the documentaries key animations.

The screening coincides with the Big Green Fortnight which aims to engage the local community and raise awareness about our carbon foot print.  Steven’s film reveals the expense to the planet and financially of drying clothes electrically exploring the bans some communities have placed on outdoor clothes drying.

Whilst there is a worldwide focus on cutting carbon emissions, household are prevented from living environmentally conscious lives as outdoor clothes lines are banned by their community.  DRYING FOR FREEDOM reveals the story of our love affair with energy; the people who are campaigning against it, the rules society have created to sustain it and the destruction it is causing to the planet.  It explores how line drying is banned across the U.S. and how these communities are fighting for their right to dry naturally.  DRYING FOR FREEDOM also shows how corporate America sold its citizens the dream of electric bliss in the 1950’s. It investigates the argument that globalization, in countries like India, continues to promote the use of electric driers over clotheslines, signifying that our future is hanging on the line.

The film will be release later this year and the production need your support to help bring this important message to world.  You can follow the team on facebook, twitter and youtube and donate at or and receive a range of exclusive rewards including merchandise, personalized DVD’s and even dinner with the director.

The special free preview screening is open to anyone who is happy to share their thoughts on the film at the end.  To book a ticket, please contact Tim on 01202 297009 or email Tickets will also be available on the door.  For more information about the film please visit

White Lantern Film is part of the White Lantern Media Group, one of the UK’s leading digital media social enterprise groups based in Bournemouth. The vertically integrated group combines training, development, production, distribution and experiences within the screen and entertainment sectors.  With innovation and talent at the heart of the business, the group aims to become a leading supplier of screen and event based entertainment in the UK.

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How much is drying your clothes costing you?

The cost of living in the UK is getting more and more expensive as gas and electricity bills increase too record highs.   So, why on the rare occasions when Britain has sunshine, do people still choose to use the tumble dryer to dry the clothes?

Recent surveys show almost half of the households in the UK own a dryer and that number is slowly rising.  At the moment the UK spends over £405M annually just running the dryer as well as releasing 6,412,500,000 Kg of co2 into the atmosphere a year. The rest of Europe is not that much better. Low estimates suggest that Europe is producing 74,600,000 tons of co2 a year just from electric clothes dryers!

The States however is way ahead of us in their dryer usage.  The USA is having a love affair with the electric clothes dryer, with approximately 79% of households owning a dryer.  America accounts for roughly 25% of the world’s energy consumption but can a small change like using the clothes line really help?

In the US, around 55,562,027 tons of co2 is released into the atmosphere each year directly due to electric clothes dryers, with some estimates suggesting it is costing US households around $12,000,000,000 a year in energy bills.

As energy consumption rises and the amount of coal, gas and oil is depleted, costs will continue to rise for the average household, it’s a basic supply and demand equation.  It must make sense to dry clothes naturally to save our own cash and help ensure that the environment is protected, after all, why pay to do something which is free!

Click the link below to see our calculations. This is a draft copy so its a little messy…

By Tim Dare.

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Filming in India. 12 days. 12 photos. Part 2.

Day 6: Travel
Driving in an auto is a nerve racking experience in itself, more so when combined with standstill traffic, a flight to catch to New Dehli and a cameraman stuck somewhere near the airport.

Day 7: Improvisation

After an interview with Dr Pachauri at the TERI Institute was postponed at the last minute, an chance trip to the Indian Government offices lands us one of our most valuable contributors yet, Deepak Gupta the Secretary of the Ministry of Renewable Energy.

Day 8: Pachauri
A rescheduled appointment with Nobel Prize winner, Dr Pachauri added to the rush of everything since the start of the trip. It didn’t fully dawn on me that I was meeting him and his interesting perspective only sank in a few days later. I should’ve combed my hair that day.

Day 9: More Travel
On the flight back to Mumbai, I contemplate how the sterile airports are the only place in India that remind me of home. Everything else is worlds apart. I enjoy the flight playing hide and seek with a child sat in front of me.

Day 10: Dharavi
Visiting the slums of Dhavari, bursting with life and generosity. The people we passed welcomed us and offered us food and drinks, the thought of turning anything downs for fear of illness seemed insulting. I didn’t get ill once.

Day 11: Pune
Interviews outside of Pune gave us the chance to see a bit of rural India. We came to the conclusion that India has the most standard looking dogs imaginable – producer Dan takes the time to bond with one.

Day 12: Leaving
After an early start we were back on the plane but only after Dan’s massive production folder was officially declared a bag before he was allowed through security. It was that big.

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It’s 10.10.10 and the focus is on carbon emissions and the practical ways we can reduce them.

The idea behind the 10.10 Global Day of Doing is to get organisations and individuals to commit to making measurable changes to reduce their carbon footprint. Each person that signs up commits to reducing their own emissions by 10% a year.

Over 100,000 people in 152 countries have signed up including some high profile faces such as actress Sienna Miller and designer Vivian Westwood.

Some suggestions on how to accomplish this include planning family menus before shopping to avoid food going to waste, choosing walking over driving and eating better quality meat but less of it.

The clothesline represents a very practical, easy way to make cuts and it even saves you money. You produce an average of 1kg of carbon each time you use your dryer, natural drying produces none.

10.10 provides an excellent opportunity to spend a day thinking about our lifestyle choices and committing to make small adjustments where we can. We will be looking at our offices, the way we go about our work and the things we can do as a team to contribute. We will of course continue to hang our threads out to dry and spread the word on clotheslines.

Add your name to the list here

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Filming in India. 12 days. 12 pictures. Part 1.

Day 1:Arriving
Ironic that after numerous warnings from friends and family about not drinking the water in India the first thing I see after border control is this. Future travellers be warned, you won’t want to drink the water but you will.

Day 2: Tourist
The Taj Mahal Palace hotel where India witnessed one its worst terrorist attacks in history on the 28th November 2008. The area is swarming with tourist each keen to see the Gateway to India.

Day 3: Clotheslines!
I came to India for clotheslines and wasn’t disappointed. The Dhobi Ghat is the world’s largest outdoor washing and drying facility. My greatest Drying For Freedom experience to date.

Day 4: Contemplation
Watching the sunset off Byramji Jeejeebhoy after the first day of intense interviews, I realised this film wouldn’t count for anything without a global perspective.

Day 5: Machines
I got to see clotheslines, now I couldn’t help take a peek at the showroom floor at Godrej headquarters, India’s largest domestic seller of household appliances.

Day 6: Travel
Driving in an auto is a nerve racking experience in itself, more so when combined with standstill traffic, a flight to catch to New Dehli and a cameraman stuck somewhere near the airport.

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Our crew traveled through all sorts of weather!

As the Drying For Freedom film crew traveled across America, our sound-man captured some amazing footage of the seasons tropical storms.  John Bowen edited these into an amazing short film exploring their adventure.

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Al Gore gives the clothesline a thumbs up

Al Gore has named the humble clothesline as one of the ten things the average person can do to help reduce their eco footprint. Continue reading →

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Our views on the line

Hardly anyone stops to think about laundry and clotheslines – and before DRYING FOR FREEDOM neither did we.

As a team our personal laundry habits and perceptions have changed since becoming part of of the film. We have collected our stories to share with you – here’s the first installment. Continue reading →

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